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From the River Bottoms of Missouri to the Mountain Tops of Alaska, God's creations shine from every corner of this earth and being able to capture this beauty and share it with you is what drives us every day.


The majority of our journey is chasing after these majestic animals across North America. Being able to photograph Elk, Whitetail, Mule deer, and many others in their natural habitat is an artistry that tends to paint itself.


The start of new life and the pursuit of one delicate species. Spring is the time where Turkey's fill our mind and the growth of the woods begins again.


The seasons begin to change and the scenery around us transforms into an abundance of color. This time of year makes for some of our favorite settings to take our creative minds to a place that we wish would never leave.


The life of a hunter goes far beyond the pursuit of the animal. The majority of our year is preparing for the season and creating better habitat for the wildlife. Sharing our journey through this and the beauty of these practices is what this collection is all about.


Traveling to the middle of the wilderness, without all the city lights, allows the midnight sky to fully flourish. Streams of Northern Lights sometimes make their appearance and the galaxy above never falls short to blow our minds. This collection is filled with the images that show us just exactly how small we are in this place we call home.


As content creators we want to connect with our viewers as much as we can. One way we thought could bring even more connection was offering hand signed images by the photographer of the picture. Please click the contact us button to inquire about the Signature Series


The manipulation of colors in a photograph are always a beauty to appreciate. Although sometimes when all color is stripped from an image the true contrast and perfection of the photo burst into the eye of the viewer creating feeling that would otherwise be unseen.

Connecting the Story

North American Moose

“In the bush of British Columbia, the sights of life are few and far between. To see such a majestic animal for the split of a second allowed for a memory that will be forever engraved in our minds. The lifestyle of the North American Moose is one that anyone can easily respect.”

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