Growing up, Brandon had two passions: hunting on his family farm and sketching. Both kept him out of trouble when he was a kid and it was a dream that his future job would marry his love for art and creativity to his love for being outdoors and hunting. Every picture and every minute of film tells a story and the HB Film School taught Brandon how to engage people by putting together art and making a story out of it. Not everyone is a hunter but anyone can appreciate a good story. His favorite story to tell is one about hunting and to get to do that in such a creative way is his dream come true. 


Growing up watching the show, Chandler always had the dream of working with someone like the HB team. Dreams seem so far at the start but when they finally come true its one of the best feelings in life. Being able to capture the story of the hunt through the lens is never the same and is what keeps us pushing to create the best content possible.


Starting in the backyard with a bow and arrow is where it began. 20+ years and thousands of miles later has led to a new passion. A passion of capturing, documenting and sharing his adventures with others. No experience is ever the same making every image exclusive in its own way. Portraying the story through imagery is one of my greatest aspirations.


From a very young age, Mike had a passion for documenting adventure and telling stories. What started out with saving money to purchase a HandyCam to film friends and family has grown into a full-blown production business centered around family, friends and the outdoors.